Plugins Tutorials?

I’‘m new to Wildfire and XMPP, so I may not be looking in the right places, but where can I find good tutorials and example on developing plugins for Wildfire server? I have the javadocs, binary docs, and source code. These are all good, but I’'m missing something, because is seeming harder then I know it is. I think a good example would really help.

Did you read also -guide.html ?

One should develop a Wildfire-Plugin Wizard for Eclipse.


Yep. I didn’‘t quite understand the IQHandler part. The system I’‘m creating would use the http request/response method, and in XMPP that’'s similar to IQ right?

Those docs are great. I got the plugin created and it loads into the server, it’‘s the interaction part I’'m not understanding.

If its samples you are looking for then have a look in the src/plugins folder, there are loads of examples of working plugins.



That’‘s what I’‘ve been using. is what I’‘m currently looking at for reference. I have a Smack client that can talk to my server plugin. I have the plugin register as a component. However another question has come up for me. The method to send data back and forth? On the client I use XStream to serialize a class to xml then using an extended IQ it returns this xml in the getChildElementXML() method. Then I was going to have the server respond back in a similar fashion using XStream again. My question is, is this the correct method? Is there another method without XStream that maybe Wildfire, or Smack API already supplies? Or maybe a XEP that covers this? I was looking at XEP-0004 Data Forms, but that seemed more like an interaction thing then a object transport. There’‘s also XEP-0009 - Jabber-RPC but I didn’‘t find many libraries, and I really didn’‘t want to add extra bulk to my client if there’‘s another method already in Smack and Wildfire API’'s.

Cool, I think I got it.