PocketPC Client for Wildfire

Hey guys,

We are currently running Wildfire 3.0 on a Windows server, with Spark clients on both OS X and WinXP. We now have a need to find a client that will run on some Sprint PPC-6700 phones, running PocketPC. I read a thread recently that mentioned a new client called “chat buddy”, but I have not been able to find any info on it. I should mention that I have looked at iMov, Mobber, EntreatCE, MJabber, and Soapbox, to no avail. It seems that most of the clients require a public jabber server, rather than a private Wildfire server.

Can anyone help point me to a PocketPC client that will definitely work with Wildfire?



Hey Ryan,

I never used an PocketPC XMPP client but in the iMo’'s website there is a white paper that gives the impression that you can use it with your own XMPP server. Anyway, I would recommend contacting the com[any/developers of these products and verify if there is a way to use them with your own server.


– Gato

Can anyone help point me to a PocketPC client that will definitely work with Wildfire?

Google on “Agile messenger” and try the mobile device version… icq, aol, xmpp, msn, yahoo, google…


This what you are looking for?

Thanks for your responses guys. I’‘ve contacted imov and I got a response essentially stating that they have not tested their client with Wildfire, and that they did not know if it would work. I’‘ve also tested the Agile client, to no avail. It appears that the client does not allow for specifying a server IP or hostname, thus I have to assume that their client only works with a pre-defined Jabber service. According to Agile’'s website, the client supports:





QQ® and Wireless Village? possible on request

I have an email to Agile, so we’'ll see what they say. Is there anyone out there that has successfully used a PPC client with Wildfire?

Hi Ryan,

I’‘ve never used PocketPC, and so I may be wrong. Also, I don’'t suppose any (free and certainly not Agile) client restricts connections only to public servers.

It seems to me that this may not be the client, but the network selection issue. I’'m guessing that your device is connecting to perhaps a public WiFi zone, and such network will only allow connection to publicly accessible servers/ip addresses.

If you’‘re attempting a connection to a Wildfire server in your LAN, you might need to change the access point used by your PocketPC to APN that your wireless LAN provider gives you. Once you’'re in your LAN - unless your Wildfire server xmpp.domain name is resolvable within your LAN - you might need to explicitly configure your client to connect to the local ip address that runs the Wildfire.

Again, I may be wrong


I do use Imov on a Qtek 9100 Windows mobile with Wildfire for some time now and all I can say is, it does its job!

Imov does not have file transfer but for basic chat over GPRS it is great.



Hi there,

I am running Wildfire 311 on a server and am trying to conect to it from a Windows Mobile 5 unit.

I have tried iMov + Agile messenger but cannot connect at all…

I can connect to the Internet and ping the real world IP of the server and can log in with no problems using Spark on a desktop PC…

Should I be formatting my login in a different format?

Any clues where I can look next would be appreciated…