Polish translation

I want co create Polish (pl) translation of Spark.

Can anybody explain me rules?

  • Where is properties file to translate?

  • When I create my own file, how can I test it (run Spark with this translation)?

  • Where is the place where i must sent new file?


You can pull the translation file from the source using SVN (location of english file is trunk/src/resources/i18n/spark_i18n.properties). Or you can take the latest Spark installer, install it, go to installation folder, then lib folder and open spark.jar with an archiver (say 7-zip), then go to i18n dir and extract spark_i18n.properties from there. You should know, that after editing translation file you should convert it into unicode format. You can check other translations and see how non-latin chars are converted into \xxxx format. There is some tool ascii2unicode in java JDK installation i think. Though personally i’m using NetBeans for source editing and it converts everything automatically. You can also just change letters to \xxxx substitutes manually.

To test your translations you can rename your file into spark_i18n_pl.properties or spark_i18n_pl_PL.properties (not sure about the naming for polish file). Then you can insert this file into spark.jar\i18n and repack this archive, 7-zip will suggest this automatically if you drag this file into archive window. Not sure if Spark will catch new translation automatically. If not, then i can compile new spark.jar for you, or you can recompile it yourself.

Once the translation is complete, just attach it in this thread and i will create a ticket for it in the bug tracker.

Almost forgot. You should use the latest version as a base. 2.6.0 RC1 http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/beta.jsp