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Poll improvements

Hi folk! I was wondering… well first off, this is more of a improvement request for clearspace x itself, so should I be posting it there instead? Basically I was thinking it might be nice to have polls where folk can “choose all that apply”. So maybe a poll that went something like:

What IM Gateway transports do you use?







and so on.

And maybe there could be some rotation of polls on the main page, so old polls would still have opportunity to be noticed.

And maybe some option to turn on descending sorting of options. I mean that options that have more percents could be shown on the top of list. This doesnt apply to my poll (How many users you have), but i think jadestorm’s (What client do you use) would look nicer. Though he has already magically guessed top5 clients and arranged them in correct sequence

I’m guessing you mean sorting the results that way? Sorting the options would probably introduce a slight bias (perhaps randomizing the options would be best for that).

So i suggest to put sorting as an option for poll submitter to choose. I think that in some polls it’s visually better to sort results descending, as in Daniels poll (Spark, Psi, Other, Adium…). In my poll it’s better not to sort, because there is a scale of numbers ascending from 1 option to the last.