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Populating LDAP groups

Hi once again.

I’'ve found a slight problem with LDAP groups. While there are two ways a user becomes a member of a group only one is taken into account by Wildfire. Either a user is explicitly mentioned in a member/memberUid attribute of the group or or she has a gidNumber attribte which refers to a particular group with the same gidNumber.

So while you iterate group’'s member(Uid)? attributes you should also ask for all users with its gidNumber.

All I am talking about is the posix stuff (posixAccount, posixGroup, et al)



Ok Guys, you got me.

Chcek this out. It’'s kind of a dirty hack because getUsersByGid() should go to LdapUserProvider and should replace getUsers() while getUsers() ought to call it with gidnumber=null. But this works fine for now.


Best regards,