Popup number formatting

I recently installed wildfire with the asterisk-im plugin and am using the spark client. Everything is working great. Just gotr a small question, is it possible to edit the formatting of the phone number that is shown in the popup in spark? Now it is formatted in an american way (first 3 digits between brackets) and that looks wrong here in the Netherlands.


so there is a org.jivesoftware.sparkimpl.plugin.phone.IncomingCall class with

public void setCallerNumber(String number) {
/* ... */
        if (number.trim().length() == 10) {
            String areaCode = number.substring(0, 3);
            buf.append(") ");

So I wonder if your numbers have all 10 digits, then this would be the place where one could fix this but the US users may then complain.


Hello Esky, could you help to give me the step to install the asterisk-IM? which version of wildfire and spark are you using?

Hi there ckng128,

I’'ve got a FreeBSD machine running asterisk 1.2.??, Wildfire Versie: 3.1.0 Beta 3, Asterisk-IM gateway 1.2.0beta2. Ow the server has Java 1.5.0-p3. Spark is 2.0.3.

The Asterisk-IM plugin that isn’‘t beta doesn’'t work for me. the install is really straight forward. Edit the manager.conf file in the asterisk directory and add a user for wildfire:




read = system,call

write = system,call

restart asterisk, download the beta plugin into the wildfire plugin folder, enable the plugin in wildfire.

Add your asterisk server, switch Asterisk-IM on, edit the phone mapping and voila you’'re done (I think)

Thank you for the answer it2000.

Yes Dutch numbers are also 10 digit, but the formatting is different:

0123-456789 (small towns)

012-3456789 (large towns/cities)

06-12345678 (mobile phones)

think I will twaek the function to look for the starting 0 because american numbers don’'t have that, right?