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Port 9091 is not opened with new OF 3.3.2

Hey there,

i tried to update to OF 3.3.2.

In my old openfire.xml, i set the normal administration port to -1 (to disable it) and the secured port to 9091 (default).

With the new Openfire, the stdout.log says, that i disabled administration and so it won’'t start.

When i set the normal admin-port to 9090, it seems to be up but NO secured admin. - nmap shows only 9090.

I tryed a run openfire without config to create a new one. But this sequence in the openfire.xml seems to be untouched. Last but not least, i did a downgrade to 3.3.1.

I need my secure adminport, can somebody help me?

ok it seems that something get mad during the update with the certificates.

With new certificates it is working fine…