Port help

can you give me a list of ports i need to open for wirldfire to work

I need to open the ports on my router

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I’'m assuming that you want to know the ports that should be opened to the public. At a barely minimum, Wildfire will work with just a single open public port 5222. Whether or not to open the other ports, depends on whether you require it.

Considering the default port numbers that Wildfire uses, these may be opened to the public:

5222 - client connection

5223 - secure client connection

7777 - file transfer proxy

9091 - secure access to Wildfire admin page

5269 - server to server port if you have other Wildfire/Jabber servers that will connect to your server.

and these may be kept closed from the public:

9090 - access to Wildfire admin page

5262 - connection manager

10015 - component

How do i change the client connection ports to port 80 but also keeping the defulat port.

If you are using Linux you may use iptables to mirror the ports, Wildfire has very limited port configuration options.



Are the above ports tcp or udp??


all are TCP