Portal not working - upgrade to 4.0.0 CentOS Linux

We have two openfire servers running Openfire. We attempted upgrades on both, and both are functioning, but the http and https web interfaces on ports 9090 and 9091 are not working since the upgrade.

Additional information: I rolled back with # rpm -Uvh --oldpackage openfire-3.10.3-1.i386.rpm and it restored the web interface. I then uninstalled Openfire with # yum erase and reinstalled just 4.0.0-1. The web console was still unavailable. I then uninstalled with yum erase again, and this time removed the folder /opt/openfire before reinstalling 4.0.0-1. Then I had to manually start openfire with /etc/init.d/openfire start and I was able to access the web interface again. Of course this means reconfiguring from scratch. Once I did that, I did get the web interface back for http, but the https interface is still not working. The server information page shows 9091 and all addresses, but no success on the web interface coming up. I am looking through the logs, but there is enough I’m not sure I’d notice if there is a clue in there.