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Possible bug: chat room description can''t contain single quote?

I’'m running version 2.4.4. With GAIM 1.5, I tried to create a chatroom with a description like this:

…thinks they’'re so cool…

and then my client just died. The room was in a locked state.

This is the relevant row from the embedded-db/wildfire.log:

INSERT INTO MUCROOM VALUES(3,’‘001149531536265’’,’‘001149531674852’’,’‘nvchat’’,’‘nvchat’’,’‘New Ventures thinks they’’’‘re so cool.’’,’‘001149531536265’’,’‘001149531768664’’


The quote isn’'t escaped, so I suspect that line would cause problems, but maybe this is a GAIM problem.


I did try it with Spark and Wifi 2.6.2 - I did create “c’'k” without problems and did enter it, but the user is “null” and not displayed in the room members list. And one can not join the room.

I did use the embedded db but I’‘m not yet convinced that it is an embedded db problem. Maybe the database escapes ‘’ with ‘’ as you did post they’’’'re[/i]. The exchanged presence packets do also contain a single ‘’.