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Possible bug in Spark 2.5.8

I am running Openfire 3.4.1 with LDAP via AD on Windows 2003 Server with Spark 2.5.8 on XP Clients. We have about 15 groups configured for display in the roster. We do not wish for the Offline Group to be displayed so we uncheck the “Group Offline Users” in the Contacts menu. The group hides as it should, however upon restart of Spark the group shows up again and the “Group Offline Users” option is unchecked as it should be. I also looked in the spark.properties file and “offlineGroupVisible=false”. If I check the “Group Offline Users” option then uncheck it again it hides but comes back yet again upon restarting Spark. Anybody else seen this problem and is it a known bug?

Poppa Smurf

Yes it is known (not filled in JIRA though) and veeery irritating me bug (or better to say should be a feature request)

You see “group offline users” doesnt mean “hide offline group”. So probably we need another checkbox like “hide offline group”, so it wount come out no matter what other settings would be.

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