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Possible bug in trunk - RoutingTableImpl.java

I’m running the trunk version (as of 9/20/07) because it fixes a problem I was having with offline messages. However, I came across another problem in it. I have two servers, hhl-chat & hhl-chat-external. Users on hhl-chat-external could send messages to hhl-chat, but hhl-chat users could not send to hhl-chat-external. I narrowed down the problem to RoutingTableImpl.java, specifically line 227.

Current line 227:

else if (jid.getDomain().contains(serverName)) {

Fixed line 227:

else if (jid.getDomain().endsWith(serverName)) {

See the problem I had was that “hhl-chat-external” does in fact contain “hhl-chat”. Let me know if this is in fact the correct fix. Thanks.

Actually now that I think about it, my fix is not too much better. Something like chat vs external-chat would break it as well. I suspect this line is checking for things like “broadcast.chat” and “conferences.chat”, so perhaps the correct fix would be to just check the right side of the period?