Possible bug: inconsistency between openfire.xml and security.xml and also log


with Openfire 4.0.2 I found this inconsistency that wasted to me 2 days of work, I don’t know if anyone else had the same problem, but I think it’s a bug:


in openfire.xml I had

** oracle **

** oracle **

and in security.xml

Blowfish (or Aes)

When I connected, I recived 2 errors impossible to get together:

1) Wrong user and password

2) Impossible to create table OfUser(…) table already exist

What I did to solve and use not-crypted user/password:

deleted in security.xml the full tag.

I didn’t found any documentation, if exists ignore following suggestions:

  1. priority in openfire.xml to attribute value “encrypted” over encryption tag, attributes can’t be used as comments TBH

  2. if user/password it’s wrong, setup should not try to automatically create ofUser table: in case however, must log something different (I know that probably it’s Oracle Driver fault but “already exists” means you are logged in while you aren’t…)

Best regards

Updated: the error “table already exist” comes from Openfire embedded “create table if not found”, but IMHO that step needs to be more explicit and if possible optional (fail fast).