Possible configuration?


I am very interested in deploying OpenFire in my company but do have a quick question. Here is my scenario and is this possible?

I have the server running, with accounts added for all employees. I would like an “internal” chat room for employees only. I also have a software package that we deploy to our clients and would like to add the Jabber functionality to our program. When the client is running our software, I would like a “public” chat room to be available. That way the client is able to chat with us on on the internal side, without seeing any internal users. But any of our internal users are able to connect to this chat room and communicate with the client.

Is this something that can be accomplished with OpenFire?



Yes it would be. Simply create two multi-user chats (MUCs), one called “private” and one called “public” and assign relevant users to them. To the “private” only your employees, and to the “public” all of your users.