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Posting Documents

Are normal users allowed to post documents? I noticed under “New” (top toolbar) that I have the “Add new document” option, but it tells me I am unauthorized. Seems a little inconsistant, since if I am unable to post a blog the option to do so isnt seen anywhere.

Last I heard this is on the list; we’re still working out exactly what the best policy will be to make sure that documents can be created from outside Jive while still avoiding spam. As for ‘add new document’ showing up when you don’t have the necessary permissions, that sounds like a UI bug.

Yeah. I have noticed this too.

About policies. Yes, there will be a lot of useless documents from the novice users, but we can always award good documents with points and then sort/search documents by points i assume. And maybe there could be an Abuse button for documents too.


I thought that you’d like to get rid of wiki.igniterealtime.org. There you have afaik the same problem with spam as you would have it here.

Why should one create a document if one can also post a spam thread? Is there an advantage in creating spam within a document?


We will be migrating content over from wiki.igniterealtime.org to this community and getting rid of the old wiki. I’m hoping we can get the documents moved over sometime next week.

We are still trying to decide the best way to allow some users to create documents. We’ll most likely give access to create documents to the experienced community members. Novice users can create threads with ideas / documentation, which one of us can convert to a document if / when it makes sense.

Oh crap really? =) I already migrated mine over. Can I ask that you all ignore my content? (actually would you prefer I just go delete things after I’ve moved them?)


You did exactly what you should have done (you’re just way ahead of the rest of us)

The “migration” is going to be manual, since we don’t have that many documents. We decided that it would be less effort to migrate manually (the wiki syntax is similar) than it would be to write some type of utility. Derek, Gato, & others will be doing exactly what you did sometime next week. We’ll also be giving other people access as needed to migrate any of their documents. Thanks for moving your docs so quickly!


=D Whew! Thanks!

Same with the Blogs page. I think it’s not right to show empty Actions box. Should be hidden if user is not authorized

Agree 100% about the empty actions box. I think we’ve filed this as a bug or feature enhancement for an upcoming version of Clearspace (not sure which version it will hit).