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Pre-add users

I have Spark 2.5.5 hooked into OpenFire 3.2.2 which in turn hooks into Active Directory. Spark has then been deployed via a GPO to a group of users. However, the first problem was obvious, each of these users needs to add every other user and then receive approval to add then approve the other individuals request in turn.

Is there a way of specifying that user or group X can already see list of users/group Y without them having to add it via the client?

Can the “require approval” of addition requests be disabled?

The answer to all your questions is yes.

To auto populate contact you can create a master group in AD that contains all users. Then in the openfire server click the users/groups tab. Go to the groups section find the group and click it. Then enble sharing. Any member of that group will see the list with all members prepopulated.

The require approval can be by passed by going the the Subscription properties of the openfire server. To open it wide choose Accept and All.

Whoops, marked it as answered by found that I can’t find subscription properties. Where abouts would they be?

I also have the Spark group sharing enabled, and everyone with Spark is a member of that group, yet it’s not there when I load Spark. How can I get this group to appear?

In the Openfire server administrator, the main Server tab, Server Settings section near the bottom.

See picture at: http://www.mtstravel2.com/ScreenShot002.jpg

I don’t seem to have that, under Search Properties I have Media Services, no Subscription Properties anywhere.

Is that an Enterprise feature?

No, it’s not part of the enterprise version. The subscription plugin is availiable via the plugins page.

Does this plugin affect outstanding requests, or merely the requirement for new ones?

I believe it will only effect new requests

Many thanks, all.