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Pre-made news (vorgefertigte Rundnachrichten )?


Is there a way to send pre-made news to certain groups?

So you can send a text to the group with one click.
Possibly. By using an external script (via vbs or batchtfile)?
Something without admin access.

Sorry for my Bad English.

Gibt es eine Möglichkeit vorgefertigte Rundnachrichten an bestimmte Gruppen zu versenden ?

So das man mit einem Klick einen Text an die Gruppe versenden kann.

Evtl. durch die Nutzung eines externen Scripts (mit vbs oder batchfile) ?

Irgendwas ohne Adminzugriff.

Windows 7

Sparkversion 2.7.0

Build 671

There is no such option.

wWithin Spark there’s no such option.

You need to write a little bit more code and use an existing XMPP client library (java, perl, .net, c, …) to connect to the XMPP server.

Do you also use Openfire or a different XMPP server? For Openfire you could install the Broadcast Plugin as a broadcast helper. If you code Java you may also extend the plugin and add a REST API which suits your needs.