Pre-populate contacts list


Is it possible to pre-populate the contacts list? I use LDAP integration and would like to have all members of a certain security group automatically populate everybody’s contacts list when they first install/sign on.

In Admin Console go to Users/Groups > Groups > press one of the imported LDAP groups and enable contact list group sharing.

Ok, I’m trying that now, but the Users/Groups pages load VERY slowly. I have 150,000+ objects in my LDAP server. Any way to cache that data to speed up the admin console?

It is possible to manage Openfire caches via system properties, but i don’t know which cache would speed up this, if there is such. Don’t know much about LDAP and caches.

I ended up using a direct AD connection rather than LDAP, and that let me target properly. Now it’s running perfectly. Thanks for the tip!

Hi Joye!

How can I make a direct connection to the AD rather than LDAP?


When you walk through your server setup, choose “Active Directory” rather than LDAP. I put the IP address of a DC instead of the domain name because my environment has about a dozen DC’s resolve for the FQDN of the domain (and some of the IPs weren’t resolving, leading to periodic login errors). Port 636, and enable SSL under the advanced options.

I chose a base DN of:


(if the domain were “”)

and the full DN of the administrator account (a user I created in the AD solely for this purpose).

Hope that helps!