Preferences icons (left tab) gets shrunk

In build #204 on Windows 7, the preferences screen gets scrunched up - usually resizing the window fixes it, but it happens again (not completely erratically, but I haven’t figured out how to methodically reproduce, either) Screenshot attached

In 12206 build Preferences window size has been changed to 600x600. Maybe it is fixing this issue?

Maybe it’s causing the issue? IIRC, build 204 is based on r12218 so I’m already running that.

This is strange. I was able to reproduce this at work with older build, but i can’t reproduce it with 12222 revision now. I have also just cleaned plugins folder in my profile, though i don’t think this should be related. I also can’t reproduce it with a clean profile.

I’ve been playing with 207 and it seems to be gone now. Maybe I’d installed an earlier version than I’d originally thought.