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Presence and Status updates

Hi All.

From what I can see this has been brought up before numerous times, but I can not seem to find a resolution to the issues.

I have openfire set up reading users via ldap from an open directory master 10.5.8. I am using a mysql database for storage on the same server. Openfire is installed on the same server.

The following was done with ichat and spark.

logging onto openfire will show up any other users already logged on as their current status available, away, offline. Any users logging on after you will not display as available or away and remain offline. Any change to your status will not update on other clients.

Checking openfire user client sessions through the webadmin does display these status updates. So it appears that the information is being sent to openfire, but it is not passing it back to the other connected clients. I have only checked this on mac os x although I doubt the operating system would make the difference.

I have tried clearing the cache’s to see if this would help, but no joy.

If any one has a solution to this I would appreciate the help.


Just an update. Been playing around and found some info on commenting out the “provider.group.className org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapGroupProvider”.

I tried this and then was able to manually create groups. After doing this my presence and status updates worked fine. Although having to maintain over 90 users through multiple groups is just going to be tedious and something I don’t really have time for.

What I did notice how ever is that when using the ldap groups the user does not seem to have any groups listed under it, although the groups seem to have users listed under them.

When manually creating groups I get groups listed under the users as well as users under the groups.