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Presence based delivery


I configured a leaf node to presence_based_delivery with a value of 1. But no notifications of newly published items are sent to another user who is also subscribed to the node and comes online. Should the user subscribe to the pubsub service’s presence?


No, the service checks for the subscribers presence in that case, so that should work.

The “presence_based_delivery” simply doesn’t work on openfire or am I missing something?

This is what I did:

  1. Node configuration

“pubsub#presence_based_delivery” = 1

“pubsub#deliver_payloads” = 1

“pubsub#persist_items” = 1

“pubsub#max_items” = -1 (for infinite)

  1. User1 subscribes to NodeA and goes offline.

  2. User2 who is subscribed to the NodeA publishes an item to it.

  3. User1 goes online but does not receive any notification of the published item.