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Presence bug ? in text and xml return code

Munged example the img tag works (from the plugin documents) fine but with text or xml return codes an image is always returned

Is this a bug in 3.3.2 presense server, which is configured to allow queries?, having no luck with the text, i opened the the url via wget

wget http://mail2.example.com:9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=sjwest@example.com&typ e=text9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=sjwest@example.com&type=text


13:04:20 http://exmaple.com:9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=sjwest@mail2.sheridanwest.co m9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=sjwest@mail2.sheridanwest.com


Connecting to …|:9090… connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK

Length: unspecified

Saving to: `status?jid=sjwest@example.com’

The image returned is the pawn like chessboard image not text lke ‘Away,Available’, or xml in the url that the plug suggests should return that.

Being an inexperenced moron with openfire is this correct that that text returns a image/gif

I tried it in my browser, seems to work:

http://mail2.sheridanwest.com:9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=sjwest@mail2.sher idanwest.com9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=sjwest@mail2.sheridanwest.com

(got ‘offline’ image)

http://mail2.sheridanwest.com:9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=sjwest@mail2.sher idanwest.com&type=text9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=sjwest@mail2.sheridanwest.com&type=text

(got text “Unavailable”, this will be an empty text if no status message is set.)

http://mail2.sheridanwest.com:9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=sjwest@mail2.sher idanwest.com&type=xml9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=sjwest@mail2.sheridanwest.com&type=xml

<presence type="unavailable" from="sjwest@mail2.sheridanwest.com">

Maybe a cache problem. Maybe wget doesn’t support queries?

Does work with wget for me, but be carefull to escape the “&” inside the query with “&”.

Thanks for that but im not using a proxy, results vary however Unavailable always works but anything else returns a ‘null’

Seems inconisistent,

Anyhow being ‘null’ sounds fun !

results vary however Unavailable always works but anything else returns a ‘null’

The text mode returns the status message, e.g. “I am currently away, leave me a message.”. If no message is set, it returns “null”. If you want the status as text, use the xml mode.