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Presence Icons

I just noticed today that when a user puts the word “phone” in there custom status messages, a phone icon appears in the Spark IM client.

Are there any other icons that come up based on status messages?

This appears to be a bug in Spark. I filed it as SPARK-227.



Really? I actually think it was very cool and liked the idea that certain key words would enable different presence icons. I was hoping that there were more actually.

Well, if that isn’'t the intended behavior, then I would suggest it for a feature in the next version. I really like it.

Icons for things like phone, lunch, home, etc would be quite cool.

Hi Eric,

what a nice discovery!

I’‘d also vote for an extension of these behavior. It’‘s not quite cool, it’'s very hot.


Bump to get this feature included rather than removed

I changed the issue description. We won’‘t get rid of the “feature” and could even expand it in the future. However, it is a bug that we’‘re not looking for the presence extension that asterisk-IM sets. If it’'s there, we should show the phone icon no matter what the presence text says.