Presence information back to the user


it seems that the openfire server broadcasts the presence message to the user

sending it. Let me make it clear.

  1. I have a client (call it c1 with the resource xxx) that sends the initial presence message

  2. after a few seconds the client receives a message like this

<presence to="" from "" />


As far as I know, the server should broadcast the presence to all the user in

the roster (ref. ).

Of course I checked the roster and I can’t see the user c1 in c1’s roster list.

Additionally, this behavior happens not sistematically. In other words, sometimes

the client c1 receives this message after the initial presence, sometime it does

not reiceve it.


Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

The reflection of the presence (both initial and subsequent) to the initiating resource is correct behavior. See RFC-6121 4.2.2. Server Processing of Outbound Initial Presence and RFC-6121 4.4.2 Server Processing of Subsequent Outbound Presence for the description of the feature. RFC 3921 has been obsolete for a while now.

Additionally, the current version of OpenFire does not appear to behave correctly on initial presence.