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Presence information not updated!

Hi all,

my patience is finishing… after more than one year of tests, waiting for stable versions, new features and fixes, I thought the time of going production for Openfire and spark had come…

but what I see is I can´t uninstall my actual IM client and Server: Novell Messenger. Spark doesn´t work fine: lot of memory consumption, slowness, and the last thing: discover that presence information is not updated very vell… and this is basic in all IM systems…

In the image attached you can see presence information of Exodus at the same time as Spark, and the information of Openfire Server. Exodus information correlates exactly the information of Openfire Server, no the same for Spark. And this with only 10 users testing, I don´t know what will happen is this goes in production, with more than 800 users…

We have spark 2.5.8 and Openfire Server 3.4.1.

Any comment to convince me I should still wait for Spark / Openfire, and not beging considering professional solutions (Microsoft)?

Best regards and thanks in advance,