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Presence Not Showing On Login

Hi Everyone,

I replied to another members post, but I wanted to follow up on my specific issue and perhaps you all could point me in the right direction.


We are in the process of selecting an XMPP client for our enterprise. It’s currently neck and neck between Pidgin and Spark. The XMPP server that we are using for IM is Oracle’s Beehive product.

Problem Statement

  1. User A logs in.

  2. User B logs in after User A.

  3. User B can not see that User A is online, but User A can see that User B is online.


  1. If User A toggles his/her status, the presence is reflected for User B.

  2. If User B logs out and back in, User B can see User A’s presence.


  • This does not occur with Pidgin.

  • We are using the Beta version of Spark for Windows XP. I also confirmed the same issue on the latest release in SVN on Ubuntu 9.10 x86.


Potential Success Criteria

  • I’m looking for anyone that has resolved this issue and how they did it.

  • Is this a known bug and is currently being addressed?

  • Is there a potential plugin available to “mask” this issue?

  • I know Java, but I’m not familar with the Spark code. If someone could point me to which class to check, I’ll attempt to address the issue and submit it back to the community to confirm.

I appreciate any and all help that anyone can offer.



jmenkevi wrote:

Is this a known bug and is currently being addressed?
No, i havent seen such issue filed.

Thanks for responding. I’ll see what I can do to get more information surrounding this issue.