Presence not updated to xmpp client, found relevant message in logs Openfire 4.8.1

Presence is not working correctly after 4.8.1 upgrade.
I have found in logs relevant messages :" Error occurred while decoding XMPP stanza, closing connection: NettyConnection"

Openfire 4.8.1 openJdk 21

Hello, Claude. can you check if the user status change from “away” to “busy” and “online”.
if it does then everything is working normally. the “offline” status only comes if you set your server a ping time. Then the server will periodically pings a client, if the client doesn’t respond then the server kills the connection and the client becomes “offline”. However the ping time is usually not recommended by most devs(although some of them do also ping but with an interval of 30 minutes +), due to concerns with the battery usage increase, it can cause to mobile phones.

That being said, i personally do in my server ping all clients with a interval about 15 minutes ±. I haven’t noticed the increase in battery usage, but this is just on the eyeometer. To get accurate measurements one have to run some “lab” tests and gather data.

The said setting is found here: 'Server>Server Settings>Client Connections>“Iddle Connections Policy”
But be aware, if lets say you set a 10 minutes ping interval, and then your server does ping, receive the pong, and then the client goes offline. it will take 10 more minutes until the server ping it again and kill the connection. so there will always be a delay to everyone to know that that client is offline.

I have founs something abnormal on this OF server, ping is set to 3600 sec !
Usually i use defaut settings for that and works perfectly. So i will put back param to 360 sec and see if it correct the issue

++ Thanks for these hints.

BTW it is not so problematic but presence is not strictly accurate…

I change from 3600sec ping to 360 !