Presence not updating with Active Directory

Hello Everyone,

I am hoping you can help me with a strange problem I am currently experiencing. Recently we transitioned our wildfire server to using active directory integration for user authentication as well as group membership. We currently have 19 groups in active directory and approximately 300 users. Everything is working fine with this setup.

I am attempting to add a new group to active directory and add 8 users into that group (Note: I have done this type of operation since the integration occurred). The users and groups show up fine in the list in the wildfire admin console however after the new group/users is added presence updates being to fail to transmit. If I remove the users and group presence begin workign again.

I ahev tried cache clearing as well as using different group names and user combinations to try to debug this issue but I am unable to determine the cause of the error. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Rob Russo

I’‘m seeing (almost) this problem as well even with a nightly build as of last week. Everything seems to work OK except presence. When you log on, you get the current status of all other users but if any of them change, there’'s no notification.

Add another “me too” to this list. I don’‘t know whether it’‘s due to using LDAP with AD or not, but it seems that either since 3.1.0b or Spark 2.0.0 presence isn’'t updating properly for us, either.

When users go offline or back online, it doesn’'t make any change to the roster list. In fact, I went offline and had someone message me, their Spark thought the messages were going through fine! When I connected, no messages arrived until they sent me another message while online (then the offline messages were “pushed” through).

I’‘m tempted to revert back to Wildfire 3.0.1 as I think there’'s a bug in 3.1.0 somewhere.

Any ideas?

Edit: We reverted to 3.0.1 and the presence changes are working correctly.

Thanks for the bug reports. I’'ve filed this as JM-851 and will provide an update soon.



I updated the bug with a possible solution.

This may or maynot be the same issue as outlined here,

but as of now I have the issue and I need a resolution…

I read the bug report and solution

"Check line 128 of The call to hasMutualVisibility is using “userGroups” instead of “sharedGroups”. Not sure if this is the root problem but changing to “sharedGroups” does make everything work correctly. "

however I can not find this file to fix. Can someone point me in the right direction?