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Presence notifications getting lost?

I am testing out wildfire (hoping to replace an existing jabber server) and notice that some users show up as offline when they are online. The web admin shows the session, and some users are able to see everyone logged in. This seems to be mentioned in this tread: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=17651 as item D, but that specific item was never addressed. I just upgraded to 2.4.4 today, and am still seeing the problem. I am using ldap authentication and shared groups (one group, everyone is in it, everyone gets it)

I plan on turnning on the raw xml console on my clients and try to reproduce it, but its not very consistant from what I can tell. Any other debugging suggestions?

Ok, did a bit more debugging on my end, many this will yield some more data for a developer to help track down the bug:

There are 3 people signed in currently. One user is signed in with 3 clients (Psi, Gaim, tkabber), one user with only one (using Psi) then myself with Psi. In Psi I only see the other user logged in once with Psi. I fire up gaim with the debug window open, and I see my roster come down to me, and afterwards I see a few presence notifications, one for myself, one fo the user logged in 3 times, and one for a user not logged in (presence type=“unavailable”). At this point, in Gaim I see the user logged in 3 times, and in Psi I see the user logged in once and myself.

Shared groups and LDAP are involved here. There is one group with all 42 users in it, and all members of the group share the group.

It seems odd to me that I would get a presence notification about a user that is not online, one that is, myself, and not get one for the other 39 users.

Several other people are reporting this bug now- is there any fix on the horizon?

I just read another post that indicated using shared groups with LDAP/AD (Active Directory) do not work.

I experienced a problem similar to what you’‘re describing with with Jive Messenger 2.2.1 using LDAP (not AD) and shared groups. I never solved the problem and eventually stopped using LDAP all together. I had assumed it was an LDAP issue and not a shared group issue … after reading the post I mentioned above I’'ll give LDAP a try again without shared groups.

Another thread that seems to discus this is here: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=110011

Still response from the devs?

Presence just doesn’'t seem to work as it should. We have users showing away when they are not and offline when they are online. One can only assume that some users are also away when they show as online. Maybe its just me, but it seems as if the problem has increased in severity with the transition from 2.2.x to 2.4.x… Has anyone else experienced an increase in the frequency of this issue since upgrading?

How do we get a bug report opened for this VERY frustrating bug?

When I spoke with Matt during the chat yesterday he said he would open a bug for it. Im sure he is just busy with things and will get to it soon.

Hey all,

The bug is now filed as JM-557. It would be helpful if you could vote for the comment to raise priority as well as adding comments.



Thanks Matt!

Looks like the bug fix worked out. Thanks!