Presence plugin and sources

I’ve added presence.jar plugin and can use http to get presence info for a user, but I was looking at the Javadocs and sources for PresenceManager with a view to expanding what can be returned and the getPresent(User) returns a org.xmpp.packet.Presence object, but I cannot find any documentation or source for the Presence object.

I found some source from 2004

but I can’t figure out who belongs to now and where one would get the sources for the org.xmpp package.

What I’m trying to achieve is for a server, that provides mail and calendar info to clients, to query presence info for the owning user which it can then pass to the client. I want to do this in a standard way, so would prefer to avoid using HTTP.

Is there a standard XMPP way to do this so that the server can fetch presence info on behalf of users?