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Presence problems... Roster list automatically remove some contacts!


I have a strange behaviors… I explain :

The context

  • I have to contact name User1 and User2.

  • User1 has User2 in its roster list

  • User2 has User1 in its roster list

The Problems :

1 - CASE 1 : When the 2 rosters lists are empty, I add User2 in the list of User1 … and automatically the second application add User1 to the list of User2 !!!

2 - CASE 2 : When I remove User2 from the User1 roster list … automatically the second application remove User1 of the list of User2 !!!

Why ?

By example, for the case 2, I do this :

I send the following message from User2 :

Why do I receive this message… it tell user 1 to remove user 2 from its list…

But I have never ask this …

Thanks for your help


No reaction ???

Different clients implement these behaviors in different ways… Which client are you using?


It is NOT the client ! I have create my OWN client library ! And I never ask this !

It is the server that decide this behavior… but I do not know why

Try this or take a look in


i think that tour problem it’'s the type of subscription