Presence problems with 3.1.0

I’‘m running an internal test of a Wildfire-3.1.0 server. I’'m getting authentication and groups from my OpenLDAP server.

My ldap configuration, minus the vcard stuff that showed up with 3.1, is:

All users are able to log in to the server without problems. You can see I am using the groupSearchFilter tag to restrict which ldap groups are displayed as the roster. In the admin UI, the jabberusers group is set to “enable contact list group sharing”. All the users I expect to be in this group show up in the web interface as members of the group.

When clients log in to the server, the roster group is displayed to all the users I’‘ve checked. However, the online presence notification isn’‘t correct. Users who are online when User A connects will be shown as online in User A’'s roster, but users who connect while User A is logged in will never be shown as online.

Online/offline status is always correct in the admin user interface.

I’'d love to have some help troubleshooting and fixing this problem. What additional information can I provide to help?

Thanks in advance,


I just noticed another detail on this issue. In the admin interface, if I inspect a user (Users/Groups->Click on any user), I notice that the Groups field is blank for each of my users, even though the Users/Groups->Group Summary->Group Inspector for the LDAP-shared roster has that user as a member.

Should the group membership in these LDAP shared rosters be reflected on the User information page in the admin interface?



I think this was a configuration problem on my end.

I re-read the configuration process documentation and files. I had ldap.posixMode set incorrectly to False. I only thought to look at this again because I saw entries in error.log relating to all the user names in our ldap, so I thought it must be something related to that.

Hey Frank,

As you noticed, when you find that the list of groups a user belongs to is empty (in the user’'s page) then you will have the presence problem issue. The reason for this error is usually a mis-configuration (e.g. bad posixMode value).


– Gato

I do indeed have no groups under my user profiles even though my groups have users in them. I have posix mode on and it is correct to do so in my setup. I am still having the presence issue. Is there a way to force population of the group memberships?