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Presence service


I have a question about presence service?

I have created a web site and add some users, so everybody in company can see who is online etc.

Do I have to to add every user manualy, or is there any possibility to add everyone automaticaly?

And the second question is:

is there any possibility to read they state description (for example @work) just liki it is in admin console -> client session.


Please check out the shared groups feature – it lets you define groups of users and have those users automatically shown on people’'s rosters.

On the state description – I’‘m not quite sure what you’‘re talking about. Do you mean their resource or their presence status message? Whether either is shown is up to the client you’'re using.




I’'m talking about the presence service plugin which shows status of the users on the web site. I rooster I see every group and users

Do I have to write presence for every user manually? Adding 10 users its not a problem but 100 or more its a little work to do

I have created a web site add some users so other users can see the status on the web site, but I want to display also status message.

The presence service has a mode where user subscriptions aren’'t required – have you tried that out? It will let you get presence for anyone in the server when operating in that mode.