Presence status incorrect


We are using Openfire 3.5.1 hosted on a Centos 5.0 server with a Postgres DB, all clients are windows spark 2.5.8 or the latest version of Pandion.

Our LDAP back end is Windows 2003 Active Directory

We aren’t publishing AD groups for the spark rosters, users invite and accept or deny subscriptions manually.

We are having issues where the presence status of users are not updated properly. Online users are seen as offline. Away status is not updated, these symptons are inconsistent from client to client. I may see 5 out of 12 people online and someone else will see 5 different users online or offline. Clearing the cache and restarting the service does not fix this issue. I can see users online in the admin console, but from Spark/Pandion/SparkWeb/kopete their status is inconsistent.

I’ve attached the relevant log files below.

Thanks in advance

Hi there.

I’m having the same issue here. Using openfire 3.5.1, spark and pidgin. Users connect but I can’t see them online unless I logout and login again.

I think the problem maybe a bug, but it seems when clients add users to their roster, the server/db puts in a placeholder while it waits for the user to accept subscription invitations. Sometimes the placeholder never goes away, and the user gets added to the client roster. When I look at a user roster from the admin console I see several users with the jid that looks like j/20/ instead of The nickname for these users are also null

When I manually add users to client rosters from the admin console it seems to resolve the problem.


It could be a bug really. I switched to another server and the problem persisted, so I installed without the LDAP integration and created the users myself, and added them to groups, all that stuff manually and now everything is working fine!

It maybe a bug, but no one from ignite has answered this thread. . .as for creating users and not using LDAP, that is not practical since we are using spark/jabber to replace MS Communicator. We don’t want another user db to manage and another password for users to remember. Seems to be a common problem though. There are other threads that deal with LDAP/ group sharing and presence, none have a definitive answer.

Yep. This is not practical at all… I`m using it to substitute Windows Live Messenger for our users, since we need to have more control on the messages and stop allowing them to add outside contacts.

I’m also seeing this problem, but with an OpenLDAP backend and the local/lightweight database. Help please!