Presence to SharePoint

Is there any way to “export” the presence for SharePoint Portal Server 2003?

We’‘ve been using Wildfire and Spark for about a year now and with Exchange and SharePoint 2007 about ready to drop we’‘re really wanting to get into the unified messaging and I’'m wanting to keep Wildfire as opposed to migrating to Live Communication Server.

Anyone else in a similar situation?

Hey Andrew,

I wouldn’'t mind some type of native plug-in export feature to do this as well.

We have an in-house app that shows the in/out of office status as well as the XMPP status displayed based on the existing Wildfire Plugin. I’'m incorporated that webpage as a page on our existing SP server (2003) now, but its definately not the same as true integration.

Perhaps someone someonewhere will make an external component to bridge the two (XMPP and LCS). I agree this would definately be a big boost for jabber in the commercial sector.


Could someone help me to find a correct XML/XSL configuration to display status of several users in one Sharepoint XML Web-part ? Right now I can only display one user per Web-part.

Found it by myself.

Could you share that with us? It sounds interesting.

With pleasure

Two files have to be inserterd in XML Web-part: XML and XSL.

XML file contents:

XSL file contents:

Oops. How to insert HTML code correctly ?

I put your XML and XSL in XML part, customized it to our server and in getting this error on a web part:

The XSL specified by the XSL property or XSL Link property is not valid, or the XSL file cannot be accessed. Make sure you have specified a valid XSL style sheet for this Web Part, or if the XSL file is linked that it can be accessed by the server. For assistance, contact your site administrator. More about making XSL files accessible

Do you have any idea how to fix it, i know that it has to do something with XSL stylesheet, i did NOT modify anything that you put in that XSL that talks abour stylesheet., By the way, we have WSS not SPS

OK, I’'ve uploaded the correct XML/XSL code to rapidshare:

So, if I’‘m reading this correctly, you have to customize this for each person’'s My Site?

Ok, I’‘ve got it kind of working. Right now it’‘s trying to pull an image from Wildfire, but it’'s pulling a broken image. Is there something that needs to be installed on Wildfire or audit presence?

Only “Presence Service” plug-in from

I had a “Doh!” moment there. I ended up only needing the XSL/Web Part code and made some minor formatting changes. I’‘ve included it below. If I’‘m still having trouble with it, I’‘ll put it out somewhere for all to download. Santized, of course. Now our director’‘s asking for a way to click on a user’'s name and immediately bring up a conversation, either from the local Spark client or something embedded in the page. Never enough for some people

The code obscured by broken images looks like img src=“ in1.com9090/plugins/presence/status?” enclosed in some XML-style tags.