Presence unsubscribe

I am trying to unsubscribe a contact’s presence through Openfire. According to RFC 6121 A.3.2, the server should auto-reply by sending a presence stanza of type “unsubscribed” on behalf of the contact. However instead, I got an Iq query with ask = “unsubscribe” attribute. I am wondering if this is the default behavior of the openfire for the presence unsubscribe or I missed something here. Could someone please help me on this?


“unsubscribe” presence will olways send u question for subscribe user. If u wonna delete roster from u list, u must send somethin like this:

var iq = $iq({type: "set"}).c("query", {xmlns: "jabber:iq:roster"}).c("item", {jid: data.jid, subscription: "remove"});
Groupie.connection.sendIQ(iq, Groupie.on_roster_changed);

it JS code, for web-chat application.