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Presense/Status/Availability question

I’‘m new to wildfire & spark and I’'ve noticed that when a user ‘‘Alice’’ changes her status to Do Not Disturb it seems to be only informational. I can still send her an IM and it gets through just fine. Is this just how it works? I expected it to work like AIM does and reply with a ‘‘user is unavailable’’ message.

Hi Jaga,

this is how it works, it’‘s just a status information. She is still connected to the server so the message can be and will be delivered. If she’'d be offline/not connected this would be something else.


thanks very much

It would be up to the client to take proper actions. The message will still be delivered from the server to the DND/XA client, but the client should handle it differently, like not making “noises” or popping up a notification, etc etc.