Prevent new users to connect when the max capacity reached


Is there any way in openfire to prevent new users from connection when the server max capacity reached?

I’ve tried to find such settings in the openfire server admin panel and used google, but haven’t found any information on this.

Could you kindly provide the information about this, or share the useful link?

We need this feature as we are planning to use the amazon hosting to handle the user connections.

Our model is supposed to use the server untill it reachs it’s max capacity, then when it is, dynamically connect another server.

Does the openfire clustering feature supports such treatment? Will the OF server recognize the new node just-in-time?

(that’s why I decided to post it in clustering category)

Also, Is there any embedded features or plugins in the openfire for amazon services?

There is no option to set a max capacity for the user connections, also i haven’t heard about plugins for amazon services.

And is there any way to say to openfire server - “keep not more than 10 000 connections” ?

Not directly with Openfire, but if you are routing connections to a cluster your load balancer might be able to do something like that.

Ok, thank you guys.

Now I have peace in my mind, as I was sure that there should be such option, but I can’t find it. :slight_smile:

You could develop a plugin that checks how many users are online when a user logs in and if a predefined number has been reached prevent the user from signing in.

Yes, I’ve thought about it too. That’s probably a solution for future. But make a linux firewall to deal with the connection amount seems easier. However I’m not sure that it really is. Openfire could keep several connections for one user and use different ports for commands and messages, so the linux firewall will prevent some users to send msgs as the connection max amount on both ports is reached. I mean it also could bee tricky. Something like this.

Seems there is already plugin available for that purposes.

Thanks you guys

Which plugin?

Client Control plugin. At least it has description “Controls clients allowed to connect and available features” l

I haven’t tried it yet. You mean that it will allow only filter users by some way, but not restrict it count?

The client control plugin allows you to limit users based on the client they are using - It does not rate limit, or control the number of users who can access the environment.