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Prevent users from renaming contacts when using LDAP?

Hi all,

First, many congratulations for such a good client !! Spark is very cool !

We’'re using Wildfire and Spark with Active Directory LDAP authentication, and shared groups. It works great !

If users are removing other users from the shared group list, it is reloaded at the next logging, and the deleted users reappear as if they were not deleted. (Really good point)

But if users are renaming other users in the shared group list (right clik on a user, then rename), the change seems to be permanent : when relogging, the name is always changed, and not replaced by the original one. (there is a line related to the change in the databse too).

Is there a way to disallow users changing the name of users in shared group list ?


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Yes, i agree with that. Though this is a server-side feature i think. And seems not an LDAP related.