Prevent whiteboard plugin use at server?


From other discussions about the whiteboard extension I see here, I hope this is the right place to ask my question.

I’m running the current version of Openfire as my XMPP server. Users have asked about whiteboard over XMPP, and they’re aware of Spark, and have also noticed the feature in Psi (though it seems flaky).

Unfortunately the server doesn’t log or archive what’s communicated, which is a regulatory requirement, and I’d be remiss if I were enabling an out-of-band communication that isn’t recorded properly.

Is the method used by the whiteboard extensions something I can disable in Openfire?



I think there is no such option to disable whiteboard extensions in Openfire. At least i haven’t heard. Also i haven’t heard about a plugin disabling or blocking whiteboard communications. If it uses some special packets this is probably possible to block with something similar to Packet Filter, but you will have to program such packet interceptor or ask someone to do this.

Just wonder if any of the packets for Whiteboard are going directly between clients, or anything is going through server at all

Yeah. Forgot about this. Whiteboarding should as voice go directly peer to peer, so Openfire is not able to record anything and it would be harder to block it. At least not within Openfire server.

Thanks for the quick explanation, guys. It’s appreciated.


There is no official spec that defines how implementing a whiteboard over XMPPshould work. Some implementations use peer-to-peer while others go through the server, although the latter seems to be the more common approach. For the Whiteboard Sparkplug we developed we decided to route the traffic through the server since it allows the sharing in group situations where more than two people would need to work on the same document.

Hope that helps,