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Privacy list blocking myself instead of target

Hello everyone,

I’m having some weird problem with privacy list. When I attempt to block a user, I get blocked instead of him.

I am sending this packet to block user “bob@localhost” from contacting me “test@localhost” :

<iq from='test@localhost' type='set' id='client1'>
<query xmlns='jabber:iq:privacy'>
  <list name='public'>
    <item type='jid'
   <item action='allow' order='2'/>

I receive ‘set’ then ‘result’ from the server. I may fetch the list, everything is fine. However, after I activate the list “public”, I appear to be the one blocked. I am not able to receive any message from anyone but I am able to send. If I do not set the “message” tag in my list, everything inbound is blocked.

Am I doing something wrong?


Hi Marcas,

I’d say that you do something wrong while I have no idea what. I did try and it worked without problems. You may want to enable the Openfire debug log - it should print lines like “PrivacyList: Packet was blocked:” along with the blocked packet.