Privacy lists and google talk

hello all,

Let me tell you about some (yet another) creepy stuff going on with google talk’s server.

Not knowing of gtalk not supporting privacy lists, I have tried to compose such lists logged onto a gtalk account but not from their client - from another universal cliient instead. I kept composing such lists and sending them to gtalk server in frustration. None of the lists were actually displayed in that universal client as feedback for the success of the operation. Then I have discovered the ugly truth: gtalk sux. Again. The privacy lists I kept sending had no effect;

Just today I login again to that same gmail account and try to interract with the JID I was trying to block. Surprise, surprise. I cannot interract with that JID anymore. And there is more of it. I also can not recall how the hell have I named those lists, so I cannot delete them. A request for all the lists addressed to the gtalk server does, of course, no good. So that was it, I probably will not be able to interract with that JID ever again


gTalk is not fully XMPP compliant (nowhere I can find which XEPs they support), so any XMPP client program (or transport) working with it is pure luck, and always needs hacks :confused:

And guess what - I am unable to replicate the encountered behaviour. Geez. I think google server works in tight corelation with moon’s phase. And yester day it might have just been full moon … or the planets alligned, which led to opening the privacy lists tunnel to gtalk for just a second … unlucky me