"Privacy lists are not supported by server" error

I am using the latest Openfire build(3.7.0) and Spark 2.6.2. We authenticate via Active Directory.

I have set up a cname on my dns server to connect to the server internally.

If I connect to the server name directly, I can setup and change and activate the Privacy plugin without issue.

If I connect via the cname, I get the error “Privacy lists are not supported by server.”

And in testing, I connected via the ip of the server, I got the same error.

Has anyone else seen this error or is able to recreate it?


I Have the same problem, but i am using Spark 2.6.3.

When i connect via domain configured on Openfire the Privacy List start normally, but when i connect via cname the function disables.

Ex.: www.empresa.com.br The privacy list is correctly.

spark.empresa.com.br The privacy list is disable.



how privacy list works:

  1. Spark sends Disco#Info to Server

  2. Server answers with:

  1. if not contains jabber:iq:privacy Privacy Lists are not supported.

So in your case the server doesnt send this packet-information, which is essential for it to work

Please start Spark with activated “start debugger on startup”. The debugger will show the communication from Spark to the server an the received packages. Review the received packages for any line containing “privacy” and report the line, if available or confirm that the feature privacy is not announced to the client.

When i starting spark using the same address of de openfire then de debug messages appear, but when i start spark using my cname address doesn’t appear messages of privacy.


This is indicating an issue/missing feature for Openfire, if cnames are used. A relief for the Spark developers and a job for the Openfire dev team. I am afraid, that there will be no fix in the near future on Openfire for this.

Also note, the same is true if connecting via IP address as occures with cname.