Privacy options and what is displayed


I am concerned that my privacy options are ignored after finding that my profile information is displayed after explicitly setting ‘Hide’. I had thought this data would be private, but any unregistered user or web robot/spider would be able to mine and index the data. Since this is the situation, I would like to request the wording be changed or the behavior corrected for privacy concerns. I am upset that this produced unhidden data and the consequences that are resulting.

Thank you

Can you be more specific about what is hidden about your account that is showing up visible? Feel free to private message me if you’d prefer not to talk about it publically.

For what it’s worth, when I look at your profile I can’t see much of anything except your picture, your userid, size of company, couple of things like that. Other things are labeled “not disclosed”. Your email is showing properly as private. (note that you can see a lot more information about yourself in your own profile and such than the rest of the world can) Anyway, I’d be happy to help you track down what the problem is.

[Update] This bug is being addressed and the following comments are not reflecting the current state.

OK, this must have changed since I last posted because when I was viewing the information from another network node, I was seeing data I had set to hide.


Hrm. I did upgrade to a newer version last night, late last night, could it have been before that?

[Update] This bug is being addressed and the following comments are not reflecting the current state.

I don’t know, either that or browser refresh issue on my side. Either way the code is doing what I would expect it to…

I see that this is still a bug and hidden information is still viewable. I can see briefly that it is effecting all user posts I have checked. I have notified you in a private message the specific details. Thanks.

Hey I applied a temporary fix for this! Thanks for reporting it!