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Privacy rules support in Spark

I was reading the change logs for Wildfire 2.5.X when I stumbled across the below thread in the WF forums. Appartantly WF has supported XMPP-compliant invisibility via JEP-0126: Invisibility since V2.5.0.

In the below linked thread, user dombiak_gaston mentions that privacy lists were being incorporated into Smack, and we could therefore look forward to a release of Spark that will support invisibility with Wildfire in an XMPP-compliant fashon. Comments?



Insight, anyone?


This plugin is incredibly cool! I like also the notification by keyword…

Some graphic enhancements may be interesting:

  1. Show the avatar of the user that sent the message

  2. Remove the resource (Talk.v298298222) For a normal user, this is too much informations…

Continue your good work, I am very impressed