PrivacyListManager::deletePrivacyList and testRemoveList


This came to my attention when looking at PrivacyTest::testCreateDefaultList() and testRemoveList().

Line 290 in testCreateDefaultList(), and 322 in testRemoveList, is a call to this method:

public void deletePrivacyList(String listName) throws XMPPException {

// The request of the list is an privacy message with an empty list

Privacy request = new Privacy();

request.setPrivacyList(listName, new ArrayList());

// Send the package to the server



The relevant, I think, messages sent and received are:

The message above seems to be trying to create the list, but it looks like it was already created earlier in the test with this message:

So, the last message I see, after the first set message above, is the one below, which is saying, I think, that the list can’t be created as there is a conflict.

I don’t know what the applicable XEP is here, so I don’t know what the server should be doing when it sees a set for the same list again. I also can’t see any code in the PrivacyListManager that would send anything than get or set requests.

Any ideas of which XEP I should look at for this?

Many thanks