Private Data or Vcard?

Hi all,

I’'d like to store some imutable user datas on wildfire server(as gender and birthday for example…) and to retrieve them with smack api.

Then, i’'m wondering what is the best way to do it:

1/ using Vcard api (wildfire/smack)?


2/ using private data (wildfire: PrivateStorage api / smack PrivateDataManager api) ?

NB: on wildfire side, i’'d like to do this with http, indeed using a wildfire plugin…

thanks a lot for your help…


Generally, everything other people should be able to read about you, should go into the vCard, everything that should be kept private should go into the private data storage.

Hey Anlumo,

thx for your quick reply…

Then Vcard, seems to be the best way…

But do you think is it possible to create/update/delete vcard (on server side i mean) using http through a wildfire plugin (i will wrote if needed)?

Because I had a look at the userservice plugin code (which allows to create/update/delete user using http through a wildfire plugin) , and it uses XmppServer.getInstance() to obtain a reference on the wildifre server, and it does not seem to be the same with vcards because the wildfire api only provides DefaultVCardProvider and VCardManager objects which do not seem to be binded to XmppServer object directly…

what do you think?



It´s perfectly possible to write a plugin for this.

Using WildFire VCard Manager it´s easy to do.

Hope Helped.


Thx for your replies…

I’'ve manage to write a custom wildfire which allows me to create/update/delete vCard over http…and it seems to work.