Private MUC

Hi all

How do i create private MUC and allow only users with account on my server to join it?

We have disabled registration on the server and want to hide our MUCs from anyone outside (i mean ‘forbidden’, not just hide them from DISCO). And we don’t need any passwords, just per-domain limitation or something like ‘Users with accounts on the server’.

I was suprised i couldn’t do that. Only password helps, but thas’s ugly.

P.S. I’m not sure about ‘Make Room Members-only’. Can it help? But any way, ‘User permissions’ page is unusable, i have to remember all my users’ JIDs and enter them one by one, by hand


Hey Andrew,

If you don’t need server-2-server at all you can disable it from the admin console. However, if you want to allow s2s on the server with the exception of MUC then you will have to go with some workaround. Openfire does not provide such functionality nor is part of the XMPP spec. As you said, you can play with password protected or members only rooms or rooms not public. But any of those choices are not a real solution since someone with the correct password, or someone that is invited or someone that discovers the room JID will still be able to join. The correct solution would be to create a new plugin that provides a packet interceptor that will reject any attempt to join a room from remote users.


– Gato

Yes, you are right, i need s2s connections. And your answer disappoints me a lot. How can i use MUC in my company if anyone can join and read any private data?

I can’t beleive nobody needs that feature.