Probable conflict with Symantec Antivirus Corporate

Hi, Spark 2.4.1 looks great. There are definitely some nice improvements there.

It does seem that it causes a conflict with Symantec Antivirus Corporate however.

I have witnessed this on 2 of our computers.

When Spark is running, a virus scan (SAV) cannot complete. It freezes.

The scan does continue if Spark is completely closed.

This was not a problem with previous versions of spark, and I am hoping it wont be a problem with

2.5 release version.

We are going to hold our users on 2.0.7 until this is resolved.

Good Job guys, and good luck with this little quirk.


Just wanted to update you folks on this.

It looks like Symantec Antivirus Corporate does continue scanning when Spark 2.4.1 is open.

The scan window will freeze, but the scan itself is still in progress.

It looks to me like perhaps SAV and Spark 2.4.1 use one of the same files to produce their interface.

This info makes this a much smaller problem in my mind, but one that still should be solved.