Probably a bug: starttls missing


i’'ve seen the following in my debug.log and even an ethereal capture confirmed that:

2006.07.26 13:04:43 OS - Error, was before.



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And who is causing the problems ? Is it a client ? Another server ?

Client to server Connections

Which client ?

latest spark.

Hey rouven,

The 2006.07.26 13:04:43 OS - Error, was not received entry that you have in your debug log is related to server-2-server and not client-2-server. That message means that Wildfire is trying to establish a secured connection to some remote server but failed since the remote server didn’'t offer TLS as a stream feature.

Are you also having issues using secure connections for clients? Make sure that you are using trusted RSA and DSA certificates.


– Gato